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The World of Talent Management is Changing
In this rapidly changing atmosphere of #hashtags, native advertising, SEO, PPC, CPC, BYOB, etc., it can be hard to know where you should focus your talent and leadership development efforts or get personal exposure and knowledge from other organizations and the leading/best thinking. 
But You Have a Trump Card ...
… And it ISN’T just some intangible resource or membership that will get you nowhere. It’s something you can really apply to your job, your presentations, your ability to find and source candidates, and if you listen very closely, you can hear it softly whispering the names of people you have yet to meet who will get you to that next level you have wanted to achieve. 
Isn’t it Time for you to Invest in Your Career and Future?


You may have already been worn out by endless conferences, too many conversations with people who get you nowhere, and an endless list of things to-do that won't bring you to where you want to go.
And it’s true. Benchmark Learning and Networking is the latest time-tested "Big Thing." But it will continue to be a Big Thing well into the future, because engaging in real learning, extracting key data and information, and interacting online with the people who you need to do business with, and need you to do business with them will get you to where you want to go.  
Most Heads of Talent Management, Organization Development, and/or Leadership Development know how to do their jobs extremely well. But do they know what is really happening inside of the larger talent management, leadership development, and organization development initiatives of organizations?  Do they have the most innovative practices that are engaging the very best organizations? Are they on top of the emerging practices in the field of Organization Development, Organization Transformation, Leadership Development, Organizational Learning, Performance Management, and Talent Management? They need to know more about the best systems and practices behind their work if they want to succeed and get to the next level. 
You will learn all of these things and more on BPI. Or else.


John Lapinski's Talent Analytics Program has Flourished with BPI.


John Lapinski, Data Scientist at Humana had some awesome ideas and theories around talent analytics he was implementing at Humana. He used BPI to validate these ideas with other organizations.  
BPI is the the first place that brought together issues of theory and practice for me. It brings a lot of external experience across a lot of organizations while bridging theory and practice. I get the chance to be in the company of people with a lot of experience within a lot of organizations across different industries."


See How Bala Swaminathan Uses BPI to bring collective intelligence on an ongoing basis to Cigna.
How Can I Get It Too?
Ready to get started, yet you don't know how to make this happen without getting a plane ticket, leaping small buildings in a single bound, and emptying your entire bank account?
You're in luck because it only costs $480/year to access an incredible amount of case studies, research, on-demand webinars, PowerPoint presentations, experts, access to specialized groups and a lot more.  Keep reading though... 

 Getting the Best Practice Certification
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A 5-step Guide to Becoming Certified as a Best Practice Certified Professional to take at your convenience online.
There are a lot of resources and associations out there. Why should I give my money and time to you?
We have amassed an enormous amount of cutting edge research, thought leadership, experts, and information that is not available anywhere else. Progressive best practice organizations like Pfizer, GSK, Corning, QBE, Kimberly Clark, Bank of America, MasterCard, Novelis, Cigna, Humana, KeyBank, CIT, and 100s of others have funded and created the valuable research on this portal. They have made it possible for us to unlock this vault for you at a fraction of the cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Brian Fishel
Chief Talent Officer 
We continue to rely heavily on BPI's learning resources. BPI brings together executive peers with similar business goals that I would not have uncovered otherwise. It has become a great platform for stimulating my ideas, challenging my assumptions formulating hypotheses, forcing critical questions.
David Deacon
Chief Talent Officer
BPI is genuinely dedicated to finding and promoting best and next practices in a positive, inspirational, and aspirational way. Global leaders turn to BPI, its Senior Executive Board, and professional consultancy to collaboratively investigate current trends and co-create next practices together. 
Online Learning Session 1
Strategies for Attracting Top Talent


Online Learning Session 2
Organization Branding and Legacy
Online Learning Session 3
Using Systems Thinking and OD Methods to Make Positive Change
Online Learning Session 4
Talent Analytics: Beyond HR Reporting
Online Learning Session 5
Finding Your Authentic Voice




What are my first steps after becoming a member?
You should immediately place in the webinars for your five day process for getting your best practice certificate. Once you have completed your five days, you will have one year to keep your certification before you renew. In the meantime, you will get all of the other 350+ presentations, case studies, on-demand learning sessions, live learning sessions questions from Fortune 500 organizations, and a lot more from the site.  You can take all online courses, read all research, case studies, presentations on your own time.


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What Kind of Resources Will I Find?

Each search result will provide a comprehensive listing of all available resources related to that topic including Case Studies, Research Reports & Articles available for immediate download, relevent On-Demand Webinars for immediate streaming, upcoming Live webinars, "Ask-it" questions (and answers), relevant BPI community members, experts and more. Search anything related to talent... WE HAVE IT! Popular searches include Organization Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, D&I, Succession Planning, Whole System Transformation, On-Boarding, and more. 

Exclusive In-Depth Research Reports and Case Studies

Access full research reports commissioned by some of the leading organizations in the world.

Based on extensive survey data and interviews to benchmark your own practices immediately. 



Topics include

  • Creating & Connecting an Engaged Organization
  • What Got You Here Won't Get You There
  • Bottom Line Business Impact of Recruiting, Retention & Development
  • Transforming Performance Management with Neuroscience
  • Case Study presentations from 100s of mid- and large-sized national, multi-national and global organizations, and MANY more...
350+ On-Demand Webinars with PowerPoint Presentations, HRCI Credits, Research, and Assessments
Over 900 BPI Validated Experts
On any topic, BPI experts are accessible to you for support and advice. Here is just a sample.
Rear Admiral Joseph F. Kilkenny
United States Navy Commander, Naval Education and Training Command


Peter Senge
Founder of Society for Organizational Learning
George Reed
Former US Army COL and Head Professor for USAWC Leadership Development Program
Jeff Davidson
The Work-life Balance Expert
William Sheridan,
VP, International Human Resource Services, NFTC
Dan Pontefract
Author of FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization
David Mann
Recipient of the Bush Fellowship for Performance Art & Storytelling
Jonah Berger
Bestselling Author & Professor at Wharton School
David Cooperrider
Strategic Advisor & Honorary Chair, David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Stiller School of Business, Champlain College
Harry Hutson
Author, Navigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most
Frances Hesselbein
Chairman of Board of Governors, Leader to Leader Institute & former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA
Dave Ulrich
Professor of Business, University of Michigan & ranked #1 Management Educator & Guru by BusinessWeek
Deborah Slobodnik
Master Coach for Leaders and Teams
William Rothwell
Professor & Head of HRD Program, Penn State University
Judith H. Katz
Vice Chair of the Social Venture Network
Sally Helgesen
Author, The Web of Inclusion: A New Architecture for Building Great Organizations
Peter Block
Author of several best-selling books about ways to create workplaces and communities that work for all
Kevin Kruse
NY Times Best Selling Author/Speaker on Leadership & Serial Entrepreneur
Marshall Goldsmith
Recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world by Harvard Business Review
Diane Senffner
CEO, Cine Learning Productions


Bev Kaye
Author of Love It, Don't Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work
Tom Crane
Author of The Heart of Coaching
John Sullivan
Dubbed by Fast Company Magazine as "The Michael Jordan of Hiring"
Bob Nelson
Author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, 1001 Ways to Energize Employees, and The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook
Robin Sharma
Author of The Monk Who Stole His Ferrari

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