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Join Peers at the Top of Their Career
BPI Senior Executive Board members are made up of CLOs, CTOs, CHROs, and the senior most executives within their organization.
Custom Research and Benchmarking
Senior Executive Board members specify their personal, professional, and research goals and we help you achieve them throughout the year.
Actionable Dialogue
We facilitate open space benchmarking sessions where you become the thought leader, generating and pioneering the next level of talent management. While others trail behind, BPI Board members set the path forward for themselves, their organizations, and the field of talent management.

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“It's like taking a bath in competence. Being surrounded by people who have been there and done that and are still on a quest. People who are all looking at the research and asking whether it is or isn't working in our companies“

- Lucia Quinn is Chief People Officer of Forrester Research


Best Practice Institute works with mid to large sized organizations throughout the world to provide sustainable change management solutions to major global business challenges related to rapid growth, expansion into new markets, competitive demands, and urgent talent decisions. Whatever your requirement is for change, BPI will execute on your plan voraciously and with great focus, care, and attention.

Abbreviated List of BPI recent success cases (BPI has 100s of success cases, this is a brief list only)

BPI Success Case #1 – Becoming the #1 Sales Organization in the Country for One of the World’s Largest Insurance Companies
One of the world’s largest insurance companies asked us to help one of their regions become the highest performing sales organizations in the U.S. BPI co-designed one-on-one interviews with key employees, developed and presented a report of findings, provided process consultation to the top three C-and SVP level in the organization, co-created a 2 1/2 day transformational session with a core internal design team, and followed up with after action reviews and measurement tools. One year after the program, the region made it to #2 spot in the nation. After two years of continuous follow-up and support, the region became the #1 sales organization in the United States.

BPI Success Case #2 – Research on CEO Behaviors and Experiences for One of the World’s Largest Financial Institutions
One of the world’s largest financial institutions asked BPI to help them form their succession planning criterion for the departure of its CEO. To assist them in their process, BPI performed extensive internal and external research on the activities, behaviors, and successes of a core group of current and retired CEOs from similar sized Fortune 500 organizations. BPI performed primary interviews, developing relationships and providing key contacts for this organization to assist in the succession planning and recruitment process.  As a result of this work, the organization enabled a smooth and successful transition to a new CEO who has helped the organization achieve its yearly targets. This work led to additional writing and research in the Chief Talent Officer working with the CEO for publications such as Fast Company.

BPI Success Case #3 – Senior Executive to C-Level Leadership Design and Development for a Major Manufacturing Organization
A Major Manufacturing Organization was at the beginning stages of designing their C-level leadership development process. BPI helped design the program and provided internal and external benchmarking information on organizations that were implementing best-in-class leadership development programs to propel executives into SVP and C-level positions in a short time frame. As a result, the organization has a strong succession planning and C-level executive development program that is tied to the specific needs of the CEO and business strategy. Retention rates have dramatically increased and performance management results have improved for newly developed executives due to BPI’s findings and program design with the C-level executives.

BPI Success Case #4 – Helping Design a Physical Leadership Space for a Health Care Provider
The client was building a Physical leadership/learning space to begin the process of developing leaders and salespeople on the newest challenges related to the Health Care Reform Act and competition in the marketplace.  BPI providesde benchmarking, floor plans, and innovative ideas to design the space. BPI interviewed top design school faculty members, thought leaders, and senior executives of Corporate Universities to develop a report of findings and floor plans. After BPI presented and assisted in the clarification of the implementation of these benchmark examples, the Board member organization created a formal architectural plan and built a state of the art learning facility. BPI continues to provide consultation, benchmarking, and design and development of workshops for their learning facility.

Business Case #5 – Development of an Online Learning and Executive Coaching Community for a Retail Organization
A retail organization was on-boarding over 600 employees within a short time frame. They did not have a curriculum or competency model for this new cadre of leaders. BPI interviewed a subset of existing leaders and facilitated competency modeling focus groups to develop its new leadership development competency model for incoming leaders. Based on this new competency model, BPI designed workshops specific to the competencies and trained facilitators to deliver the workshops and online learning to over 600 employees in various leadership cadres. BPI engaged its external executive coaches to perform continuous 360-degree feedback with the population of 600 leaders before and after the workshops. Positive measurable behavior change and results achieved were tracked and logged for the case.

Business Case #6 – Building an Integrated Learning Strategy for an Oil & Gas Company
An Oil & Gas organization was in need of integrating its learning and development functions due to recent expansion into global markets. BPI performed extensive internal and external research, benchmarking, and analysis to inform the design of a single strategy for learning integration. The new single strategy involved stakeholder interviews, tying the learning architecture to the business, and connection to the CEO and Board strategy. The design has impacted how employees work and collaborate across “siloed networks” leading to greater transparency, simplification, and retained collective knowledge and expertise.  The ROI has been the reduction in the number of hours spent by employees, more direct and rapid cycle decisions being made, increase in cost savings, and improved productivity for global teams.

BPI Success Cases

You are not alone. You will join the ranks of other C-level executives in Talent and Human Resources on our CHRO or Talent Management Boards who are on your same journey, and level with exceptional knowledge to share. 

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