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Real-time research and benchmarking geared toward your organization's unique needs.

The Most Custom C-level Executive Research Consortium Designed to Achieve Your Talent Management Goals

Create the Future of Talent 
Get real-time, ready-now reports created by a team of highly seasoned researchers driven by a peer validated process that is specific to your unique company requirements. 
Custom Research and Benchmarking
Receive benchmarking, customized information, and practices that make sense for your immediate needs when you need it the most.
Actionable Practice Planning
Benchmarking sessions give you a chance to pioneer the next level of talent management. While others trail behind, BPI Board members set the path forward for themselves, their organizations, and the field of talent management.

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“It's like taking a bath in competence. Being surrounded by people who have been there and done that and are still on a quest. People who are all looking at the research and asking whether it is or isn't working in our companies“

- Lucia Quinn is Chief People Officer of Forrester Research


You are not alone. You will join the ranks of other C-level executives in Talent and Human Resources on our CHRO or Talent Management Boards who are on your same journey, and level with exceptional knowledge to share.